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Final spurt for Dr Ermelinda Di Chiara's work

Final spurt for Dr Ermelinda Di Chiara's work

Scholarship holder Dr. Ermelinda Di Chiara discusses her work with the jury.

Cologne 20th June 2024 - Around three months before her presentation at Cologne City Hall, Dr Ermelinda Di Chiara presented her interim results to the Gottfried Böhm Scholarship jury.

The project of our first scholarship holder has continued to develop over the last few months under the supervision of Prof Paul Böhm and Prof Carola Wiese. This is also reflected in the working title: "the voids between the parts" became "the void for a sustainable city".

As the new title suggests, Dr Di Chiara is focusing on the sustainable redesign of several city districts. This includes redirecting traffic and greening neighbourhoods to improve the quality of life for residents.

In the second central aspect of her work, our scholarship holder wants to establish clearer lines between the inner green belt and the neighbouring districts. The idea is to develop a positive void that sharpens the character of the areas.

In the ensuing discussion, the jury members were impressed by the many ideas and made suggestions as to what Dr Di Chiara should focus on in the final stage of the scholarship.

We look forward to seeing the final results in September at the town hall. Dr Ermelinda Di Chiara's work will then be exhibited to the public for two weeks.


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